July 2019 DESY Testbeam log page

July 22, 2019

8:00 breakfast meeting with Andre

8:40 registered DACHS card at bld. 6

9:30 received DACHS card

13:00 safety training (only listen, no test)

15:00 setup (there were many problem)

24:00 completed YARR system setup

July 23, 2019

1:00 YARR producer lauched.

1:30 RunControl PC could communicate with NI crate (telescope)

2:00 Norway 3D module did not work. it did not give signal.

3:00 revealed that RunControl PC could not communicate with YARR producer. (YARR producer did not accept orders from RC PC.)

10:00 the above issues is resolved. we were able to go with combines telescope + FEI4 system into auto trigger run.

16:00 issues about communication with RC PC and BDAQ is resolved. But issue about Event Build happened. It was that the data from BDAQ is different with data by making from Event Build.)

17:00 confirm whether KEK53-9 by using BDAQ system work

18:00 instead of Norway 3D module, installed KEK53-13 into cooling box.

19:30 exchange YARR PC to our laptop PC because YARR PC memory is too small to work properly. copy config file from YARR PC to that one. but could not download YarrEudaqProducer.

21:30 reload dry ice. temperature ~-1℃ -> -33℃

22:00 KEK53-13 tuning by using BDAQ. for tuning, supply KEK53-13 High Voltage=-200V.

July 24, 2019

2:00? could not catch signal from BDAQ system. so data taking by YARR system. but the data is not normal(?).

22:00 could not remote control from Run Control PC. because of shatdown of all UPS(?).

22:30 data taking used YARR system connecting KEK53-9 applied -50 V (0.034uA). Run120~132.

23:30 stage which is boarded cooling box had been gone down.

July 25, 2019

6:00 wrote Mr.Mareike

This is how far we went with the FE-I4 Batch:
The sensors are mounted, talking and tuned. Everything works....

But when we wanted to adjust the beam position in the sensor, suddenly the PI-Stage
moved unstoppable down and we are not able to get the PI-Stage running again,
because there is nothing about this issue in the wiki (only a not working link).

So next steps would be to adjust the box position in the way, that there is a
correlation visible from the reference to one of the sensors that covers the
complete column range: So that reference and DUT are in x perfectly aligned and  I
can investigate the complete column range.

The init and configs are already prepared.

If your plans in the morning foresee a change of batches back to RD53a, you can just
remove my samples and put them back to the fridge.

14:00 workshop:How to reconstract by using EUTelescope

July 26, 2019

8:00 Mr.Koji wrote

Quick summary for the night shift :
1) continued data taking with Dortmund 2xFE-I4 modules.
    --> finished 4 HV point around 4:30am
2) Yarr multi-module readout has been installed and tested.
    --> finally we could manage to run two RD53A module with one yarr 
board. (ohio port A and C were used and port D for TLU). We could see 
correlation for both modules (attaching usual correlation plots in the 
online monitor rd53a1-rd53a2 and rd53a1-FE-I4ref), running already more 
than one hours with multiple run-restart, we see correlation all the time.

9:00 workshop:about TBmon2 for reconstraction

23:00 we found that Trigger Interval was enable.

July 27, 2019

today is Saturday, so we had to find lunch and dinner place.

1:00 Mr.Koji wrote

One bad news. We have noticed that we run beam data with TriggerInterval=1.
In rough calculation, we were taking data with 1.5MHz trigger rate 
including ~1kHz clock trigger so it means about 2/3 of data recorded are 
not associated to the beam.

I quickly checked the run affected and realized all run except 312-323 
(which are the runs added yarr for test) are affected.

First good run after fix is 395.
Please check your data as soon as possible.

14:30 install KEK53-13 & KEK53-17 in cooling box (*1)

15:30 tune modules

16:30 beam on -> KEK53-17 hitmap is no signal@-200V -> apply -400V -> hitmap can be seen and reveal bump peel off

18:00 KEK Batch5 run start

July 28, 2019

8:30 finished taking data on threshold 1500 (KEK53-13 & 17)

9:00 changed threshold 1000 and tune

YARR system

introduction of YARR

refere this : https://yarr.readthedocs.io/en/latest/pcie/

constraction of YARR system

login user:testbeam

give each PC IP address

  • the YARR PC IP address ->
  • ( BDAQ PC IP -> )
  • ( Run Control PC IP -> )
  • ( NI crate IP -> )

download and install new software ( https://yarr.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install/ )


download and install new firmware ( https://yarr.web.cern.ch/yarr/firmware/ -> "2019_07_21-rd53a_ohio_3chip_1tlu-xpressk7_325.bit" )

$ source /opt/Xilinux/Vivado/2016.02/settings64.sh

$ python flash.sh (@ ~/work/yarr_rd53a/YARR-FW(Yarr is a symbolic link with Yarr-fw_20190722)/script)

select #6 (rd53a_ohio_3chip_1tlu_xpressk7_160.bit)

if finish, $ reboot.

$ ./bin/scanConsole -r configs/controller/specCfg.json -c configs/connectivity/example_rd53a_setup.json -s configs/scans/rd53a/std_digitalscan.json -p (@ ~/work/yarr_rd53a/Yarr) <- this is like rd53a_test

if some problems happened, check below things.this is when regulator mode working.

  • jumper is inserted at VINA (at PWR A) and VIND (at PWR D).
  • cables cnnecting with RD53A power is propely hot or GND side.
  • current 480~500 mA (KEK53-9 1.85V)
  • voltage drop between ~~~ and ~~~
  • if it happends that voltage difference between 2 hot side pins of 4 pin, you do short by jumper inserting at JP PWR.
  • GND of XpressK7 need to be GND of RD53A power
nothing problem -> tune RD53A

this time, we used automatically tuning software by using below command.

$ ./scripts/tune_rd53a.sh 1500 1500 10000 10 configs/controller/specCfg.json configs/connectivity/example_rd53a_setup.json

wait for 15~20min. if finish, do noise scan.

$ ./primlist/scan53.sh noisescan KEK53-9 -m 1

$ ./primlist/scan53.sh noisescan KEK53-9

RD53A tuning finish!!

install 2 modules and setup (*1)

how to install module in cooling box

KEK53-13 and KEK53-17 fix on the stage by jig. KEK53-13 is upstream (DUT0), KEK53-17 is downstream (DUT1). check fix position to know positionZ and irradiate module correctly.

in this time, use directly mode (not raguration mode) so apply two module 1.2V via "PWR IN". (if apply 1.3V, take invalid data when run scan)

connect cables, especially between modules and PCI.

  • KEK53-13 (DUT0) - port A
  • KEK53-17 (DUT1) - port C
  • Telescope - port D
set the cooling box. let in N2 and put into a lot of dry ice. wait for modules to cool. it is better that you check whether scan works.

apply HV ~-200V and check IV.

you can tune 2 module at the same time. this is how to do.

1. edit configs/connectivity/example_rd53a_setup.json

  • "config" is the config file connecting the module.

      1. "rd53a_test_0.json" is the config of KEK53-13

      1. "rd53a_test_1.json" is the config of KEK53-17

  • "tx" is the port# of taking data
  • "rx" is the port# of sending data
  • portA="0", portB="1", portC="2"
  • enable -> 1
2. $ ./primlist/scan53.sh digitalscan KEK53-1317
  • this run creates the two config files (=*2)
3. edit two config files (*2)
  • "EnCoreCoSych"->0 because we want to check linear and diff area
  • only see diff because linear tuning doesn't work correctly
  • LCC is enable and ~200
4. $ ./scripts/tune-rd53a_KEK.sh 2000 1500 10000 10 configs/controller/specCfg.json configs/connectivity/example_rd53a_setup.json
  • edit ./scripts/tune-rd53a_KEK.sh (don't run tune sysch area, and tot_tune ->use ./primlist~)
  • wait about 17 min.
5. $ ./primlist/scan53a.sh noisescan
  • congratulation of making perfect config file !!
6. run YarrEudaqProducerMulti
  • set config file in YarrEudaqProducer/configs directory
  • $ ./runProducer.sh

set producer, communicate with Run Control PC

How to set YARR producer

read "README.md @~/work/yarr_rd53a/YarrEudaqProducer_20190722/

communicate with Run Control PC (The HOSTNAME variable needs to be set)

Run Control PCが命令を出すと,YARR producerがdescript? figure?を書き,memoryがoverflowして動作が重くなった.

->YARR producerを立てるPCを,Desktop->Laptopに変更した.




Can NOT communicate BDAQ producer and RunControl PC


How to tune RD53A by using BDAQ system

EUTelescope and TBmon2 tutrial

install and setup software. please refer https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Atlas/ITkPixelTestBeamReconstruction .

use data which is in /eos/atlas/atlascerngroupdisk/pixel-upgtade/itk/BeamTest/desy_2018_december_itk/native @ cern.ch, so it is better that you work in xlplus.cern.ch, for instance. you don't forget your lxplus working capacity increase. ( https://resources.web.cern.ch/resources/Manage/AFS/Settings.aspx )

for example...

$ mkdir work 

$ ln work /afs/cern.ch/work/?/[user name]

you work in the "work" directory

$ wget https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/KofU5oNLeGDQHGA/download?x-access-token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJkcm9wX29ubHkiOmZhbHNlLCJleHAiOiIyMDE5LTA3LTI1VDIxOjUzOjIwLjEyNzMwMjg1NyswMjowMCIsImV4cGlyZXMiOjAsImlkIjoiMTY1NTQxIiwiaXRlbV90eXBlIjowLCJtdGltZSI6MTU1MTEwNjk3Mywib3duZXIiOiJzdGVyem8iLCJwYXRoIjoiZW9zaG9tZS1zOjQ1MDAzODUyNzM4NDYxNjk2IiwicHJvdGVjdGVkIjpmYWxzZSwicmVhZF9vbmx5Ijp0cnVlLCJzaGFyZV9uYW1lIjoiaW5zdGFsbF9ldXRlbGVzY29wZS5zaCIsInRva2VuIjoiS29mVTVvTkxlR0RRSEdBIn0.0chS7LWzcuxH7nh585DS7hWXTD_z5-UikMi4mOwxlmg -O install_telescope.sh ( -O is naming option. download "install_eutelescope")

$ source install_telescope.sh (for 40min?)

$ source ilcsoft/v01-19-02/Eutelescope/v2.0.0/build_env.sh (build environment)

$ source setup.sh

$ wget "https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/7KbNZEtbrgqSVhD/download?x-access-token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJkcm9wX29ubHkiOmZhbHNlLCJleHAiOiIyMDE5LTA3LTI1VDIyOjA1OjE1LjYzMzc4ODA2KzAyOjAwIiwiZXhwaXJlcyI6MCwiaWQiOiIxNjU1NDIiLCJpdGVtX3R5cGUiOjAsIm10aW1lIjoxNTUxMTA3MDEzLCJvd25lciI6InN0ZXJ6byIsInBhdGgiOiJlb3Nob21lLXM6Mjk3Nzc4OTU0NDIzNTAwODAiLCJwcm90ZWN0ZWQiOmZhbHNlLCJyZWFkX29ubHkiOnRydWUsInNoYXJlX25hbWUiOiJjaGFuZ2VSRDUzQWdlby5zaCIsInRva2VuIjoiN0tiTlpFdGJyZ3FTVmhEIn0.aftGeKo6jgWQ86QIzhgRSdIx2BcETUkjayDEyi2i408== " -O chargeRD53Ageo.sh=

$ source chargeRD53Ageo.sh

$ wget https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/fNLtd3l8LyE5WdO/download?path=%2F&x-access-token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJkcm9wX29ubHkiOmZhbHNlLCJleHAiOiIyMDE5LTA3LTI1VDIyOjA5OjQwLjMzMjA4MTMwOCswMjowMCIsImV4cGlyZXMiOjAsImlkIjoiMTkzNjIzIiwiaXRlbV90eXBlIjoxLCJtdGltZSI6MTU2Mzg5NjM2OSwib3duZXIiOiJtd2VlcnMiLCJwYXRoIjoiZW9zaG9tZS1tOjIxNzIzMzg5IiwicHJvdGVjdGVkIjpmYWxzZSwicmVhZF9vbmx5Ijp0cnVlLCJzaGFyZV9uYW1lIjoiRVVUZWxXb3Jrc2hvcCIsInRva2VuIjoiZk5MdGQzbDhMeUU1V2RPIn0.s0AIhyq2RYlr7xIxbzdj64UYdyP-KNpBFBddqAs0clM&files=GBL_RD53a.tar.gz -O GBL_RD53a.tar.gz

$ tar -zxvf GBL_RD53a.tar.gz

$ cd GBL_RD53a

$ mkdir output, raw

$ cd output

$ mkdir database, histograms, lcio, steering

$ emacs -nw config.cfg

  • BasePath -> ???/GBL_RD53a
  • NativePath -> /eos/atlas/atlascerngroupdisk/pixel-upgtade/itk/BeamTest/desy_2018_december_itk/native
  • ???/GBL_RD53a/steering-templates
  • NoOfEvents -> 25000
$ jobsub -c config.cfg -csv runlist.csv XXXX YYY
  • XXXX -> converter, clustering, hitmaker, alignGBL, alignGBL1, alignGBL2, fitGBL
  • YYY -> run# (for example 272)
$ cd output/histgrams

$ root -l run000YYY-XXXX-histo.root

root[ ] new TBrowser

you can check histgrams.

install TBmon2

tbmon2 does NOT work well by installing it from https://gitlab.cern.ch/tbmon2 (2019.09.10)

=$ git clone https://gitlab.cern.ch/mweers/tbmon2.git=

$ cd tbmon2

$ cd git checkout dortmund.dev

$ cd tbmon2/config/DUT/

go https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/fNLtd3l8LyE5WdO?path=%2FTBMon2%20Configs

download RD53a-pp-qq.cfg (pp, qq is the pixel size)

$ wget "https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/fNLtd3l8LyE5WdO/download?path=%2FTBMon2%20Configs&x-access-token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJkcm9wX29ubHkiOmZhbHNlLCJleHAiOiIyMDE5LTA3LTI2VDEyOjI3OjAyLjk1NTc1NzYxOCswMjowMCIsImV4cGlyZXMiOjAsImlkIjoiMTkzNjIzIiwiaXRlbV90eXBlIjoxLCJtdGltZSI6MTU2Mzg5NjM2OSwib3duZXIiOiJtd2VlcnMiLCJwYXRoIjoiZW9zaG9tZS1tOjIxNzIzMzg5IiwicHJvdGVjdGVkIjpmYWxzZSwicmVhZF9vbmx5Ijp0cnVlLCJzaGFyZV9uYW1lIjoiRVVUZWxXb3Jrc2hvcCIsInRva2VuIjoiZk5MdGQzbDhMeUU1V2RPIn0.E8B7FJDlk0yNZp4a-RbBdlWKwQQftd7gzJIXG11K9j4&files=RD53a-25-100.cfg" -O RD53a-25-100.cfg

$ wget "https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/fNLtd3l8LyE5WdO/download?path=%2FTBMon2%20Configs&x-access-token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJkcm9wX29ubHkiOmZhbHNlLCJleHAiOiIyMDE5LTA3LTI2VDEyOjM5OjEyLjY2MDE4NDcyNiswMjowMCIsImV4cGlyZXMiOjAsImlkIjoiMTkzNjIzIiwiaXRlbV90eXBlIjoxLCJtdGltZSI6MTU2Mzg5NjM2OSwib3duZXIiOiJtd2VlcnMiLCJwYXRoIjoiZW9zaG9tZS1tOjIxNzIzMzg5IiwicHJvdGVjdGVkIjpmYWxzZSwicmVhZF9vbmx5Ijp0cnVlLCJzaGFyZV9uYW1lIjoiRVVUZWxXb3Jrc2hvcCIsInRva2VuIjoiZk5MdGQzbDhMeUU1V2RPIn0.ivOzKhKncZCE9V8NM42l1BCI2oYBLx_Ajprb32hr5Sg&files=RD53a-50-50.cfg" -O RD53a-50-50.cfg

$ cd ../../ (@tbmon2)

$ ./tbmon2 recowork/

$ emacs -nw recowork/config/mainConfig.cfg

  • rawDataPath -> "(datapath)/"
  • useRecoZ -> true
  • useAnalyses -> (copy All available analysis above this) ["BeamProfile", "ClusterChecker", ..., "Timewalk"];
  • copy { #name of DUT ~ } =add one DUT parameter
  • modify it (iden(=ID), DUTConfigFile ->"RD53a-25-100.cfg, lvmax->31, matchX->2 times pixel X size, matchY->4 times pixel Y size, matchPixelMargin->(pixel size), zPos(=Z position)<-reference of Gear File in Eutelescope)
  • ATTENTION:parameter set as like xxx.0
$ emacs -nw recowork/config/analysisConfig.cfg
  • add one DUT parameter and fix it
$ emacs -nw preprocess/src/EuBuildTrack.cc
  • L:282
  • edit to // Flip trackY, if new geometry description for reconstruction was used
    if(core->tbconfig->usedGEAR &&iden!=40 && iden!=30)
    trackY = dut->getDutPitchY() - trackY;
$ cd lib/libconfig-1.4.9

$ ./configure

$ make

$ cd ../../

$ make

$ mkdir recowork/config

$ cp config/draft/analysisConfig.cfg & mainConfig.cfg recowork/config

$ ./tbmon2 recowork/

$ root -l recowork/tbtrack???.root


producer, communication between run control PC and BDAQ PC

cards for read out some module by creating Nakamura working test

multi module working test

-- Koji Nakamura - 2019-07-22


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