Use This page for some test of Twiki command or plugins

Latex Plugin

This is an example of the %BEGINLATEX{inline="1" density="200" gamma="1.0" color="Purple"}%\LaTeX%ENDLATEX% rendering possibilities using the LatexModePlugin.

The singular value decomposition of a matrix is defined as %BEGINLATEX{label="one" color="Green"}% \begin{displaymath} A = U \Sigma V^H \end{displaymath} %ENDLATEX% where and are both matrices with orthonormal columns, indicates a complex-conjugate transpose, and is a diagonal matrix with singular values along the main diagonal. Eq. %REFLATEX{one}% is just one of the many matrix decompositions that exists for matrix .

Math Plugin

-- Koji Nakamura - 2016-04-01

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