Difference: TLUfirmware (19 vs. 20)

Revision 202018-02-26 - AtlasjSilicon

Line: 1 to 1
META TOPICPARENT name="FermilabTestbeam2018"


Line: 73 to 73
CMOSin6 LVCMOSin[6]   in D6 C7       NIMout4 NIMout[4]   out D113 AD1 SVX4 timestamp CLK100K
CMOSout0 LVCMOSout[0]   out D7 B6 NIMin[5]     NIMout5 NIMout[5]   out D112 AD3 SVX4 trigger(Trigger)
CMOSout1 LVCMOSout[1]   out D8 C6 busy OR     dout0 dout[0] MPPCctl1 in D92 AA4  
CMOSout2 LVCMOSout[2]   out D9 D6 pico ext(Trigger)     dout_cmos0   in D94 AB1  
CMOSout2 LVCMOSout[2]   out D9 D6 Pico ext(Trigger)     dout_cmos0   in D94 AB1  
CMOSout3 LVCMOSout[3]   out D10 A5 Trigger     DAC_LDACn0   out D95 AB2  
CMOSout4 LVCMOSout[4]   out D11 B5 Trigger     dout1 dout[1] MPPCctl2 in D84 W4  
CMOSout5 LVCMOSout[5]   out D12 D5 Trigger     dout_cmos1   in D85 W5  
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