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Sources of KC705 FE-I4 firmware based on Minoru's firmware for SEABAS2 ( Seabas2Kc705_2015_SelectIO_part.tar.gz).
This is part of the project so it is necessary to implement with Vivado 2015, before synthesis, type following command in the tcl console in the Vivado:

set_param synth.elaboration.rodinMoreOptions {rt::set_parameter ignoreVhdlAssertStmts false}

sample bit file (and ILA debug core) are also attached in the tar.gz file.

sample software from S. Saito is also uploaded to the following link: PixelTest.tar.gz.
This is based on the simple TCP/UDP program coded by T. Kono (mailto: kono.takanori(at)ocha.ac.jp).

Any questions, mailto : rnagai(at)hepburn.s.chiba-u.ac.jp

-- Atlasj Silicon - 2017-03-31



META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Seabas2Kc705_2015_SelectIO_part.tar.gz" attr="" comment="" date="1490944181" name="Seabas2Kc705_2015_SelectIO_part.tar.gz" path="Seabas2Kc705_2015_SelectIO_part.tar.gz" size="1306847" user="AtlasjSilicon" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="PixelTest.tar.gz" attr="" comment="" date="1490945960" name="PixelTest.tar.gz" path="PixelTest.tar.gz" size="9471543" user="AtlasjSilicon" version="1"
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